Speaker Projects

Fostex FF85WK + P800-E

Fostex full range drivers in small enclosure built by Fostex. Not much DIY but got my feets wet.

FF85WK + P800-E pair

I have used these speakers with both my mini amp and 2*15W T-class with great result. Nice desktop speaker for a low price.

Fostex FE-103En + Nagaoka BS-10

Something slightly bigger and a cabinet built from "scratch". I didn't have the actual plans for the BS-10 but used some build photos, the thickness of the MDF and outer dimensions to estimate the measurements I was missing.

Bits and pieces

I picked up the speakers and damping material in a speaker speciality shop in Akihabara. The connectors I got from Taobao.

Pre cut MDF

I listed the different sizes of MDF I needed and went to Tokyo Hands. The clerk helped to figure out what I needed to buy and how to cut it. It was ready for pickup a few days later. The pieces was cut with perfect precision.

Glueing in progress 1

I first glued the back, front and bottom pieces using one side and some small extra pieces of MDF as a makeshift fixture.

Glueing in progress 2

The side piece was then glued in place.

Cutting holes

Next step was to cut the holes for the speakers. After locating the center a divider caliper was used to make a circular path to be sawed out. After sawing the hole use a coarse file to widen the inside of the hole. Put the speaker in and check that the ports on the back of it are unobstructed.

Gluing front and inner walls

The front and inner walls were glued separately.

Inner damping

Once they where glued in place the inner walls damping was fitted.

Speaker in place

Then it was time to put the speaker in place and to do the soldering. Remember to leave enough extra wire so the speakers can be removed when the box is glued shut.

Final front


Final back

The Zigmahornet



Fostex FE-103En Backhorn


Fostex FE-166En BIB


http://fullrangedriver.com/singledriver/DIYRH10.html http://www.fostexinternational.com/docs/speaker_components/pdf/FE103En.pdf

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