Plain text Bliki tools inspired by Edwin Steiner's PotWiki for Vim, Matt Web's TextMate bundle and the Git-powered plain text blog Toto.

The project goal is to provide a small set of simple tools for publishing a personal Bliki.

Uses Sundown. Source available on Github.

Run tests

chmod u+x runtests

Start using

  1. Install lib/sundown (install where you will put potbliki).
  2. Install the script in your PATH using 'install [PATH]'.
  3. In the directory you want to be your Bliki home run 'potwiki init'.
  4. Edit .bliki/bliki_conf
  5. Write wikipages and posts in Markdown.
  6. Run 'potwiki make'.

It is recommended to use a plain text wiki plugin for your editor.

Vim plugin

Add a post header:


Make the bliki:


Open bliki in default browser:


Post header

Every blog post should have the following header:

title: [TITLE]
date: [YYYY]/[MM]/[DD]
location: [CITY], [COUNTRY]
tags: [TAGS]

Escape WikiWords

Warning: this section will not be correct if vieved in plain text but will look correct in the Bliki.

Sometimes you want to escape the WikiWords. Use ~ in front of the WikiWord and it won't be made in to a link. If you want to use a ~ write ~~ and one will survive the process.


is rendered like




is rendered like


Github Integration

Edit pages on Github

If you store the Bliki repository on Github you can fill in the following info in .bliki/bliki_conf:


This will make a "Edit on Github" link appear on each page. If you have access to the repo there you can edit the page following the link.

Update Bliki on Github post-receive

Install the script on the server according to 'Start using' and pull the bliki git from Github.

Make sure the TARGET_DIR in bliki_conf point to the web server root. In the bliki directory run:

potbliki github
potbliki make

Set Githubs post-receive post to:

[Your bliki's URL]/cgi-bin/push.cgi

Anytime you push to your repo on Github the bliki will now pull from the repo and remake the bliki.

Disqus Integration

If you have a Disqus-account, register the Bliki there and enter the Disqus short name in your .bliki_conf:



Roadmap on Github

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