Handheld Tranceivers

Baofeng BF-888S

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Reviews, info and manual.

Baofeng UV-B5


Reviews, info and manual.


The devices are programmed via the Kenwood 2-plug connected as this:

Chirp can be used as programming software. I found a problem programming the BF-888S described in this issue. Update: To program the radio it needs to be on Ch 16 or Chirp will show "Radio refused to enter programming mode".

Audio Interface

RX and TX audio and PTT is wired up as this:

Beware of the fact that sleeves of both plugs are connected for PTT. To connect to an iPhone(etc.) the easiest way is:

Baofeng                                             iPhone TRRS

3.5 mm ring --------------------------------------- tip

                    C1    R1     C2
2.5 mm tip ---------||---###-----||---------------- sleeve
                             |        |
                             #        #
                             # R2     # R3
                             #        #
                             |        |
                            GND      GND

2.5 mm sleeve -----\                         /----- inner ring
                   |                         |
                  GND                       GND

Where C1 and C2 is 0.01uF, R1 10k, R2 and R3 2.2k. Use VOX for TX.

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