Arduino Build

The Arduino enviroment consist of a few different parts:

It uses the same tool chain as described in AvrBuild. Focus here will mostly be on part 2) and 3).\ The IDE can be replace with your favorite editor and a Makefile.

Arduino on ATtiny

Officially Arduino only supports ATmega devices but it is possible to run on ATtiny.\ It might be a good idea to prototype on a full Arduino board and later move to a small\ custom board with a ATtiny if the number of required I/O pins permit.

One port is the arduino-tiny project. \ Download and put in your Arduino environments hardware directory (like Arduino/hardware/tiny/). I had to rebuild my IDE \ to make it show up in the Tools -> Board menu. If you use a Arduino Makefile it will most likely need to be modified.

Arduino Makefile

A pre-written drop-in makefile can be found at It allows you to build Arduino \ using MakeTool while still using the Arduino libraries etc.

It needs to be modified for arduino-tiny support (TBD).


An alternative is described at


Put extra libs in /Applications/

I have added the libraries I use (MsTimer2, ProtoThreads, HCSR04Ultrasonic and SerialLCD) to a GitVersionControl \ repository that I can sync with the Arduino enviromment. Hopefully this \ will be redundant in the future with a more centralized and automated approach to libraries in the Arduino world.

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